Ajanta Offset is amongst the largest integrated print houses in India providing comprehensive design, pre-press and printing services to a wide range of private, professional and corporate clients. We are also looking at new media technology through our partner, to provide education as well as consultancy services for Internet, Graphics & Multimedia, Digital Photography and Reprography (typesetting/pre-press).

Ajanta was established in 1969 as the flagship company of the Todi Group. Today, the Group's combined turnover exceeds US $ 100 million and it has offices in several cities in India. We started small - with just a packaging unit, but shifted focus to high quality printing in 1980. With massive modernization programmes in 1993, 1996 and 1999, we soon became a serious player on the printing scene - with five integrated production units and a consistent growth rate of 20% per annum over the last 8 years, which is almost double the industry rate in India.

Today Ajanta is recognized as one of the biggest exporters of quality printed materials from the country. And to live up to this recognition, we are constantly upgrading our technologies to give our clients total value for their money …and much more. Reducing the process time, consolidating the production facilities are the key areas we are focusing on in the near future. To this end, we are setting up one large comprehensive unit to include all print solutions under one roof.


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