The equipment in our electronic pre-press section includes Power Macintoshes and Linotype imagesetters for design, layout and artworks, are among the most advanced anywhere in the world.

Hell digital scanners for quality scanning and creative workstations for retouching, colour correction and page makeup, all connected to the latest Hell Postscript recorders for output. Add to that a system for on-line soft proofing as well as conventional hard and digital proofing, quality control procedures that follow GATF standards, wide and complete range of Linotype Hell, Protech, Klimsch camera, recorders, daylight/darkroom exposing units, automatic films and plate processors and FAG proof presses and you have one of India's best pre-press set-ups.

Of course, we also have a number of skilled conventional stripping and assembly personnel that supplement the electronic pre-press when required.

List of Equipment



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